Onwards and Upwards

In September of last year I landed a dream job; working at Disney Interactive on mobile games. My time there has been fantastic and I've had some amazing opportunities. I've learned a lot about what I'm capable of doing and was introduced to some exciting new ways of thinking about my craft. Not to mention, I was given the chance to work with and learn from some amazing, talented people.

While at Disney I helped ship Tiny Death Star and spent a few months creating and shipping new content and features for it. Working with Lucasfilm on a Star Wars title was a dream come true. Soon after that, I worked on designing two brand new games that unfortunately didn't make it past pre-production and prototyping.

About two months ago I was told that my team and its current projects didn't have a spot at the company anymore.

So now I'm here, ready for something new! I've taken some time off, worked on some fun freelance & personal projects, and played a lot of video games. These things have me feeling renewed and eager to find a new team to join.

I am looking for Lead and/or Senior positions in User Experience and User Interface design. I'd love to keep making games, but also have a strong passion for software and entertainment, so I'm excited to hear about all opportunities. I'm looking for jobs here in San Francisco, but more importantly, I'm extending my search to Seattle, Washington and its surrounding areas.

If you're looking for a fun, passionate designer who loves to create high quality products, look no further! Please check out my resume, portfolio and then shoot me a message.

I look forward to hearing from you.


p.s. Thank you to my dear friend Gavin for the amazingly appropriate portrait :)

Looking to the horizon!