Ice King - Party Mixtape Art Show

I was invited to participate in an art show presented by The Beehive Society a few months ago called "Party Mixtape". Invited artists submitted a "party song", and then the pool of songs were randomized and assigned to all the different artists.

The track I received was "Ice King" by Res. I'd argue how much of a "party song" this actually is, but I took it and ran with it anyway.

Trying my hand at geometric art was something I wanted to try since I haven't done a lot it in the past. The style is unique and definitely a fun way to illustrate. It wasn't until I had finished my piece that some people pointed out the similarities to Adventure Time's Ice King. Whoops! Accidental and unintentional inspiration! Hey, it works!

Ice King by Matthew Rex Downham

I hope you enjoy the piece. You can see it in person at the Party Mixtape Art Show on 9/19. It looks pretty awesome printed out on metallic giclee.

After the show I'll be making it available on Society6 to order as a print and other items. Thanks for looking!